Gum contouring is the removal of excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth, hence creating a pleasing smile. They are normally advised for people with gummy smile, or with uneven gumline, or for teeth that looked too short. These cases result from health conditions, hereditary or sometimes, with the taking of some medications. Gummy smiles results from overgrowth of the gum tissue that then covers the teeth. The gums are so prominent that most often than not, they are simply what other people notice when we smile. Our smiles appear too big, that our teeth seem to look smaller than our gums. Do you know that a lot of patients come for cosmetic work thinking that veneers or crowns alone can correct this problem? Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with their teeth, but the overgrown tissue prevents their teeth from taking the limelight. Uneven gumline can otherwise ruin a good smile, no matter how straight the teeth are, if the gumline is not even or unsymmetrical. Gum reshaping can remedy these problems and create beautiful symmetrical smile.

Gum reshaping is done by applying a local anesthetic to the gums, and a laser is used to trim away t small amounts of excess gum tissue, thus reshaping the edges of the gums above the six front teeth that form the smile. We then seal the blood vessels in the gums to facilitate quick healing of the tissue, thus getting away with discomfort to the patient.


In cases where the quantity of bone found in a patient’s jaw is not sufficient to allow for a successful implant surgery, a Sinus Lift procedure is performed. As discussed in implants treatments, a successful implant is conditioned upon several factors, one of which is sufficiency of bone present. Today, several types of bone materials can be used for sinus lift or bone graft procedures, like the patient’s own bone, prepared bone such as freeze – dried bone from animals, and there is also the synthetically derived bone material. In some cases, the surgical stage of the implant is done right after the sinus lift. In most cases though, a healing period of up to 6 months is allowed before implant is placed, this is to have the bone graft adhere better to the patient’s own bone. The time factor could be a disadvantage as it takes time before doing the implant surgery, however, doing this procedure and waiting for bone integration could lead to a more pleasing result.

Sinus lift which is a surgical procedure is needed when people who lost their teeth do not have sufficient bone for implants to be placed, or bone has been lost due to gum disease, or the person has small jaw and / or a large sinus, or bone loss resulting from tooth loss. The latter due to bone resorption, for having missing teeth for quite a long time.