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Do your gums bleed more easily whenever you brush your teeth, or eat? This could be an early stage of Gingivitis, which is a form of gum disease, and cleaning the teeth by scaling and polishing is highly recommended. If this gingivitis remained untreated or left as it is, an inflammation will develop and will go down the very foundation of the tooth, leading to what we term in the dental world as “periodontal pocket”. This periodontal pocket will serve as the breeding ground for more bacteria and thus leading to more serious gum problems, like breaking the bone support of the teeth making them loose, and eventually losing them. In the presence of periodontal pockets, we recommend periodontal cleaning known as deep cleaning or root planing. Our dentists get rid of the bacteria in these pockets by cleaning between the gums and the teeth down to its very roots, plaque is broken down to pieces, and clean away the teeth to initiate gum healing. One of the most effective ways of getting rid of gum disease before it becomes worse is Root Planing and Scaling. In most cases, local anesthetic is applied to numb the gum and the roots to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Several indications of gum disease include swelling or bleeding gums, sensitive or loose teeth, and bad breath. It is worth noting that although Root Planing or Deep Cleaning are not high risk procedures, the dentist may have to prescribe antibiotics before or after the procedure, or he may insert antibiotic fibers in between the gums to discount the possibility of infection. There are two primary terms used to describe a gum disease – GINGIVITIS OR PERIODONTITIS. The difference between these two is that the former is milder and is commonly manifested by inflammation and bleeding. Periodontitis connotes a more severe situation of the gums that is characterized by damage to the bone surrounding the teeth. Periodontitis could lead to not just loosening of the teeth but also to other serious health problems like inflammation that stresses our immune system fighting said inflammation, we then become susceptible to other diseases.

Early detection of gum disease is very important, hence, a periodic visit to the dentist or a regular cleaning should always be a priority to maintain a healthy smile.

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